Management: the FAS

The Autònoma Solidària Foundation (FAS) is a non-profit organization created in 1999 that works to apply social, solidarity, development cooperation and equal-opportunity policies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. We want a university that provides students with a well-rounded education, and for students to be trained not only as professionals, but also as committed, responsible citizens. To this end, we promote participation in volunteer activities and community service, and in educational activities designed to encourage analysis and reflection on circumstances of inequality. We work with groups at risk of exclusion, those with disabilities, inmates at penitentiaries and educational centres for minors, inpatients at health centres and immigrants.

Our guiding objectives are:

  • Help to address special educational needs and achieve full integration of those lacking equal opportunities when accessing superior education, especially the disabled. Get the university and its members involved in doing so.
  • Contribute to the global human education of students in values such as solidarity, tolerance, coexistence, freedom and justice.
  • Channel and promote volunteer and active solidarity initiatives in the university community.
  • Act as a point of connection between the UAB and society in social action, work with entities for volunteering and social intervention with shared objectives.

Our values

Our work is based on citizenship values that encourage commitment, responsibility, equality and equal rights for all individuals, and responding to injustice and social inequality. The Autònoma Solidària Foundation is committed to channelling the social commitment of the UAB community, and it seeks to do so efficiently, with quality, transparency and equity.

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