Training activities (edition 2019/2020)

In the academic year 2019/2020 we are implemented the organization of a few meetings discussing topics related with the research methods (and related issues) in economics. This experience will continue in the academic year 2020/2021.

You can find the calendar and the updated below


Meetings: Talking about….

   Day                 Time (UTC+1)             ROOM                Speaker  and topic                                   
20/02/2020        h.17:00                     Sala Anexa       Rosella Nicolini (UAB) : Journal rankings

16/04/2020        h.17:00                     Webinar            Rosella Nicolini (UAB) : Writing a paper and a referee report

07/05/2020        h.17:00                     Webinar            Luigi Pascali (UPF) : Shaping ideas

15/10/2020        h.17:00                     Webinar            Carmen Sarasua (UAB): Preparing a post-doc application

??/11/2020         h.17:00                     Webinar            Riccardo Turati (UAB): Talking about the job market for economists



PhD students and prospective PhD students at UAB are all welcome. It will be also possible to attend the session by videoconference.



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