Doctoral Workshop 2021


Every year we organize a doctoral workshop in order to assess the progress of the PhD candidates. All the students participate. The workshop takes place in a very friendly environment in which both professors and students give their advices and feed-back to the candidates. 

The PhD follow-up workshop of 2021 (9th Doctoral Workskhop) will take place in June, 14th- 16th 2021, following the same format of previous courses.

All the graduate students enrolled in the PhD Program in Applied Economics must be reviewed each year to track the progress of their work, in the fulfilment of the UAB normative in reference to European Higher Education Area (EHEA) PhD programs.

The PhD academic board approves and announces each year the annual schedule of the follow-up sessions. The progress of each PhD student will be assessed by a specific committee composed of three members: two common members for all committees (that this course will be Rosella Nicolini and Francesc Trillas Jané) plus a third expert, who will be selected according to the research field of the thesis’s candidate.

The possible evaluation results are: “favourable”, “favourable with observations” and “non-favourable”. A “favourable with observations” evaluation involves the requirement to the student to take into account the formulated remarks. In the report of the following year, the student must indicate how the required changes have been taken into account. If the assessment is “non-favourable”, the PhD candidate can register to be reassessed in March of the following year. Non attendance of the follow up process without any reasoned justification involves to be expelled from the PhD program.


Content of the research report

The research report presented by the student must have a common structure, composed of the next parts: 

  1. A description of the objectives of the thesis, the degree of their achievement and the progress (during the current academic course) to meet these objectives. The working calendar and the projected calendar to complete the thesis must be delivered as well. Maximum space: 5 pages.
  2. A report of the academic activities (during the current academic course) including attended seminars and “lunch seminars”, congresses, seminars, courses, research visits, etc. Maximum space: 3 pages. The students must justify the fulfilment of the compulsory activities of the program.
  3. Those students that obtained a qualification of “favourable with observations” in previous assessment have also to deliver a new version of the paper revised according to the suggestions formulated by the evaluation committee jointly with a report explaining the changes incorporated into the paper.
  4. The paper submitted and to be presented to the workshop.
  5. The academic board must receive a brief report of the thesis supervisor and the tutor on the activities of the student and the progress of the research.



 The presentation of papers will follow a workshop format. The presentations are open to the public and there are two types: 

  • Short presentations of 30 minutes (25’ for presentation + 5’ for questions). For first year students.
  • Regular presentations of 45 minutes (30’ for presentation + 10’ for discussant + 5’ minutes for questions). In this case, the PhD student must suggest the name of another student to act as discussant or, alternatively, must indicate the field of her/his work in order to have a discussant assigned.

The sessions are organised by topics and a faculty member will act as chairman.

We need the PhD students to communicate (email to the title of the paper to be presented, jointly with an abstract of no more than 100 words and the name of the proposed discussant non later that the May 10th 2021

The deadline for submitting the rest of the documentation is the June 06th 2021



The evaluation committee will elaborate the reports that will be sent to PhD students before the third week of September.



In order to allow a proper planning of the attendance to the workshop sessions, we inform that the 2021 sessions will be organised on: 


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