Steps to be done

  1. Complete the job market paper and prepare the documents of the job market package 
  2. Prepare your webpage (TIP: choose a space to create a simple one)
  3. Post your material at:
  4. Send your details to the PhD Coordinator for building up the webpage of the job candidates of the department: Name, Research Field, Webpage link, References, Job Preferences,Title and Job market paper link.
  5. September onward: check weekly the job offers posted at the relevant websites. Make a list of the most interesting one and check the deadline for sending your application and documents. YOU ARE ALWAYS EXPECTED TO CONTACT THE INSTITUTIONS. The reverse does not hold!
  6. Ask for 3 reference letters to your selected scholars: infor them to be expected to prepare the letter well in advance (let us say at end of September). Once you have completed your list, send them the list of the institutions they are expected to send them. In the “econjobmarket” format, your scholars are expected to upload a pdf version of their letter.
  7. November: schedule a job market rehearsal seminar.
  8. Beginning of December: we can schedul your mock interview.
  9. Around the second week of December you are expected to receive invitations for interviews for the Spanish job market. Be attentive in building up your time schedule.


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