There are several scholarships and grants that you can apply to. The different calls are open in different moments of the course. The most important calls are:

- The call of the Direcció General de Recerca (Formació d'Investigadors, FI);

- In last years, the department is also opening a call in UAB, (Professorat Investigador en Formació, PIF), which opens around May. 

These scholarships cover all the PhD period. You have to be prepared to apply for these scholarships and not wait until the last day. In the process of application you can ask for help to the administrative head of the department, to the PhD program coordinator and to your supervisor. We all want you to make a succesfull application.

There are also other calls of different type. Some are also scholarships covering the full PhD period, while others are research grants.You can find here a list of recent calls:

- Research grants for PhD students

- Grants for funding stays abroad, ERASMUS + UAB - Predoctoral scholarships for university teacher training (FPU) (Spanish Ministry of Economy) (online application)

- Grants for universities or research centers to recruit new research personnel  (FI-DGR)

- Grants for predoctoral contracts for the training of doctors(Spanish Ministry of Economy)

There is one project in the department,"Economy and Climate Change: determinants, inequalities and mitigation", .

- Award "Enrique Fuentes Quintana" for doctoral thesis in social sciencies (FUNCAS)


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