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The PhD Program in Applied Economics of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) provides a unique offer in the Spanish university system. The program is oriented to the preparation of researchers with a sound knowledge in economic theory, quantitative techniques and methodological tools, which will allow them to develop an original and high quality applied economic research.

The program, which dates back to the eighties, is organized by de Department of Applied Economics and covers a wide range of research areas in which it has a faculty of high academic standards. Besides its faculty members, several prestigious professors from international institutions participate in the formative and supervision tasks of the program.

The aim of the doctorate is to prepare students to complete an original and high quality research constituting a significant contribution to the discipline. The thesis of our program must show the knowledge of the major debates and relevant scientific contributions, proficiency in the use of most advanced quantitative and qualitative analytical tools, as well as the ability to expose the results of the research with scientific rigor and in accordance with the canons of the discipline. The goal is to publish the research in the leading journals and get the widest diffusion within the scientific community.

The Department of Applied Economics is organizing weekly seminars and research activities addressed to PhD students. You are find more information HERE



Last update: February 2020



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