Jordi Rosell

Jordi Rosell


PhDUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Phone+ 34 93 581 1428
Office: B3/052
Research interests

Development economics, development policies, agricultural economics.

Recent publications:

  1. Guerrero, D, Franco-Jaramillo, M.  & Rosell, J. (2017).The lack of alternative income sources: The case of ornamental fishing in the Inirida fluvial confluence, Colombian Amazon.  Economía Agraria y Recursos Naturales - Agricultural and Resource Economics, vol.17 (2), pp. 75-97
  2. Etxezarreta, M., Rosell, J. and Viladomiu, L. (2015). An overview of Spanish agriculture in the 21st century, in Bonanno, A., Houston, S. Busch, L. (eds.), Handbook Of The International Political Economy of Agriculture and Food, Edward Elgar
  3. Cardador,L, Viladomiu,L, Rosell,J. et al. .(2015) Tools for exploring habitat stability for steppe birds under land use change scenarios. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment . vol 200, pp.119-125.
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