Job Talk

As mentioned in the description of the job visit, at some time during the day, you will have to give your job talk. The objective of the job talk is just another presentation or seminar of your job market paper. However, it is important to bear in mind that professors of the department other than those specialized in your field, will attend your seminar. So your presentation will have to be directed to a more general audience.

Here is some advice. Prepare organized and comprehensive overheads. Do not include too much information at once. Try to motivate the paper, more than entering into technicalities that may interest only very specialized people. Make clear the question you want to answer and what people may learn from your research Mention what is new in your paper and how it is distinguished from the rest of the literature State briefly the conclusions of the paper at the beginning of your presentation Explain your model (remember you have a diversified audience!) Control your time, so that you can focus on the important issues Comment the results relating them to your motivation Mention some future research and extensions of your work

That's all, good luck!

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