Job Packet

Although each application will have specific requirements, most of the institutions ask for what is usually called the Job Packet. This packet consists of the following documents:

Cover Letter

This letter should be short and will be addressed to the Contact Person in the Personnel or Recruitment Committee. There you should state the purpose of your letter, your fields of interest, who your advisor(s) is (are), the information you enclose, and very important which job market meetings are you attending (only Spanish, only AEA or both). Here you have some examples:

Example 1
Example 2


Applicants to any job openings must include a CV or resume. It is also useful if you post a copy in your webpage (in case you have one). Some CV standard formats can be found in the web
If you are planning to go to the American Job Market, it is important that your CV is at most one page long!
You can also find an alternative format for CV here!


You should also include an extended abstract of your Thesis (about one page long) together with your job market paper. If you have other finished papers, you should also send copies of them. Here you can find some interesting suggestions on how writing a summary of your dissertation.

Recommendation Letters

Applications usually ask for between 2 and 4 letters of recommendation from people you mention as reference in your CV or people best able to write a strong letter on your behalf. Make sure you ask for the letters early enough to the deadlines!

Other suggestions on how preparing the job market packet can be found in this webpage posted by M.Conlin and S. Dickert.

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