Extraordinary awards of the PhD Program in Applied Economics

Course 2018-2019:

- Lidia Andrés Delgado: " Greenshouse Gas Emissions and Energy Intensity of the Transport Sector" (Supervisor: E. Padilla)

Course 2017-2018:


Course 2016-2017:

- David Rivero Leiva "Three Essays on Financial Intermediation" (Supervisor: H. Rodríguez)

Course 2015-2016:

- Daniel Sánchez Serra "Determinants of the concentration of creative industries in Europe: a comparison between Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Portugal" (Supervisor: R. Boix)

- Alicia Gómez Tello "The european integration process: trade, mobility, and policy" (Supervisor: R. Nicolini)

- Pedro Trivín "Three essays on the labour market macroeconomics" (Supervisor: H. Sala)

Course 2014-2015:

- Adriana K. Ruiz Marín "Tres ensayos sobre economía del transporte" (Supervisor: A. Matas)

Course 2013-2014:

- Gustavo García "Essays on the Informal Sector in Developing Countries: The Colombian Case" (Supervisor: J.L. Roig)

- Darío Judzik: "Three essays on the determinants of labor market dynamics" (Supervisor: H. Sala)

Course 2012-2013:

- Matías Piaggio: "From global to local: behind the relationship between the economy and the environment" (Supervisors: V. Alcántara and E. Padilla)

- Natalia Nollenberger: "Three empirical essays on gender equality and education" (Supervisor: N. Rodríguez-Planas)

Course 2011-2012:

- Jaume Freire González: "Eficiència energètica i efecte rebot. Desenvolupaments metodològics i evidència empírica" (Supervisors: E. Padilla and I. Puig)

Course 2010-2011:

- Borek Vasicek: "Empirial essays on monetary policy" (Supervisor: Luca Gambetti)

Course 2009-2010:

- María Teresa Álvarez Martínez: "An evaluation of public policies in Spain" (Supervisor: Clemente Polo)

Course 2008-2009:

- Sara Ayllón Gatnau "Essays on the economic well-being of young individuals and poverty dynamics modelling" (Supervisor: Xavier Ramos)

- Javier Vázquez Grenno "Essays on Immigration: Evidence from Spain" (Supervisor: M.A. López)

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