Job Market Candidates

Job Market Candidates 2020/2021
PhD in Applied Economics
The PhD program in Applied Economics at UAB is pleased to introduce to you the 2020/21 candidates:

Alberto Roca Florido


Job Market paper:

Everything comes at a price: Eliminating harmful subsidies in the Spanish maritime industry

Research fields  Fishery Economics, Environmental Impact Assessment
Advisor    Emilio Padilla Rosa


Bita Shabgard


Job Market paper:

R&D Investment and Competition: A Dynamic Model in The Search Engine Market


Research fields Industrial Organization, Microeconomics, Antitrust
Advisor  Ángel L. López Rodríguez


Candidate available for post-doc positions:


Mariateresa Silvi


Job Market paper:

Reversing impatience: framing mechanisms to increase the purchase of energy-saving appliances


Research fields Environmental economics, Behavioral economics, Public good provision
Advisor  Emilio Padilla Rosa

Post-doctoral researcher, Department of Economics at Ghent University

Placement Officer: Rosella Nicolini
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Last update: April 2021
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