Courses 2016

The Department will organize a summer course in Experimental Economics. The course is open to MAREB (option in Applied Economics) and PhD students. The course will take place in Seminar Room A. 


Experimental Economics

Prof.: Jordi Brandts (IAE, CSIC) 


Dates: June 20 and 21 (10:30–13:00 and 15:00–17:00) (9h)

Course content: Introductory course in experimental economics.

The course will have four lectures. The four topics of the lectures will be: 1. Introduction and overview, 2. Social preferences, motivation and cooperation, 3. Markets and 4. Organizations.



The follow up assessment will take into account the attendance of the course. The attendance is compulsory for all students registered since the course 2014-2015.

Students will be informed by email on the procedure to register for the courses.

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