Ángel Luis López

 Ángel Luiz López

PhD: Tolouse School of Economics

E-mail: AngelLuis.Lopez@uab.es
Phone: + 34 93 581 1528
Office: B3/070
Web: http://angelluislopez.net/


Research interests:

Industrial organization, microeconomics, antitrust, regulation.

Recent publications:

  1. Overlapping Ownership, R&D Spillovers, and Antitrust Policy, with Xavier Vives. Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming [pdf file] [online appendix][software] {application}
  2. Silent Financial Interests and Product Innovation, with Anna Bayona. Economics Letters, Volume 170, September 2018, pp. 109-112 [link]
  3. Foreclosing Competition through High Access Charges and Price Discrimination, with Patrick Rey. The Journal of Industrial Economics, Volume 64, Issue 3, September 2016, pp. 436-465 [link]
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