Microbiology, Diseases and Health Monitoring


Module coordinator:
M Neus Prats

Histopathology Core Facility IRB Barcelona – Institute for Research in Biomedicine

Teaching staff: 

Mònica Aguilera
Histopathology Core Facility, IRB-Barcelona¸BCN

Mariona Aulí
Almirall, Spain

Ana Criado
Aptuit, Verona, Italy

Marcelo de las Heras
Veterinary Faculty, Zaragoza, Spain

Francesc Padrós
Departament of Animal and Vegetal Biology and Ecology. UAB. Spain

Ricardo Feinstein
The National Veterinary Institute. Uppsala. Sweden.

Ignasi Garrido
Departament of Animal Health. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Marianne Kronborg Bracken
Citoxlab, Denmark

Jan Langermans
Biomedical Primate Research Center (BPRC). The Netherlands.

Sergio Lopez
Departament of Animal Health. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Jorge Martinez
Departament of Animal Health. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Werner Nicklas
German Cancer Research Center. Heidelberg. Germany.

Neus Prats
IRB Barcelona – Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona ,Spain

Yolanda Saavedra Torres
The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK

Patri Vergara
Department of Cell Biology, Physiology and Immunology, UAB, Spain

Duration of the module: 
6 ECTS (44 attendance hours)

1.950,00 €

Course dates: 

15 September - 1 December 2023

Attendance dates: November 20-24, 2023


This module provides the practical and theoretical knowledge and skills regarding microbiology, diseases and health monitoring required by designated veterinarians and other onsite personnel responsible for the welfare and care of laboratory animals in the conduct of experimental procedures.

The module looks at the importance of health monitoring and the range of diseases that can affect laboratory animals and how diseases may affect experiment results.

This module also provides practical training in relation to animal biology, euthanasia and minimally invasive methods.


Topic 1. Introduction to the pathology and infectious diseases of laboratory animals

Topic 2. Definition, importance and microbiological characteristics of laboratory animals. Microbiota and its influence in animal models.

Topic 3. Diseases in rodents and rabbits

Topic 4.  Health monitoring in rodents and rabbits

Topic 5.  Clinical biochemistry and haematology

Topic 6.  Health monitoring of laboratory animals. Clinical signs in experimental animals

Topic 7.  Microbiology and diseases in carnivores

Topic 8.  Microbiology and diseases in fish

Topic 9.  Microbiology and diseases in ruminants

Topic 10. Microbiology and diseases in pigs

Topic 11. Microbiology and diseases in primates.

Topic 12. Microbiology and diseases in birds

Topic 13. Experimental pathology


Practicals: Necropsy, taking samples and parasite analysis in several species.

Registration or more information:

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e-mail: pg.animals.laboratori@uab.cat