Master in Laboratory Animal Science & Welfare


Course director:
Prof. Patri Vergara, DVM PhD DipECLAM.
Faculty of Veterinary Science, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Organising Faculty/Department:
Department of Cellular Biology, Physiology and Immunology.
Faculty of Veterinary Science, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 

Material and audiovisuals in English
Lectures in English 
Practicals: both English and Spanish groups


The UAB Master in Laboratory Animal Science & Welfare has been running since 2000 to provide specialized training for professionals who work with animals for research purposes.

The program is accredited by the


and forms part of the UAB Laboratory Animal Residential Program recognised by

European College for Laboratory Animal Medicine




  Advanced Practitioner according to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgerons (UK)


The course comprises 6 modules, a practical placement and a project. It is designed to be completed in three years and to be fully compatible with a full time job. The modules are intensive and two are run each year lasting between 1-2 weeks. In this way the course can accommodate students who live outside Barcelona.

Students are individually evaluated for each module.

The program aims to provide expertise and professional excellence in all areas of laboratory animal science relevant to animal experimentation.

Specifically, the program is designed for veterinarians and other specialist personnel designated with responsibility for the welfare and care of laboratory animals.

Each module can be completed independently with some modules leading to accreditation for some of the functions described in EU Directive EU63/2010 and RD 53/2013 such as performing procedures, project design and project evaluation. See individual modules for details.

Completion of the whole course enables students to carry out functions described in EU Directive EU63/2010 and DR 53/2013. For details, see: and Orden ECC/566/2015

More information: 

Students may register for individual modules or for the whole Master course.

Registration for the whole course guarantees a place on all modules with a discount of 10% of the cost of each module.  In some cases, students may be eligible for a grant from Laboratory Animals or ICLAS.

Alternatively, students may register for individual modules each of which may lead to an official UAB certificate which can be used to demonstrate competence in the areas covered by the module.