ECLAM Residence


Residence in Laboratory Animal Medicine

SIAL ( Serveis Animal Integrats of Laboratori ) together with the Animal Unit (Servei d' Estabulari ) of the  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB ) offers specialist training for veterinarians in Laboratory Animal Medicine .

The training is achieved through a four-year residency intended for veterinarians who would like to become specialists in laboratory animal science and medicine.

This training program has been approved by the European College for Laboratory Animal Medicine




The Master in Science and Welfare of Laboratory Animal and Certificate in Laboratory Animal Science and Medicine (VetCEE) can also be obtained  during the Residency


The program aims to meet the conditions required to take the examination of the European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine ( ECLAM ) and consist of four parts:

Part 1:  Completion of the UAB Master of Science and Laboratory Animal Welfare.

Part 2: Residency at SIAL: in order to acquire the necessary practical experience, the resident will be attached to the SIAL staff team and perform a range of preclinical tasks and procedures with various animal species.

Part 3 : External practical training: in order to acquire the full range of experience required,  the resident will complete their  practical training in other animal centers and perform tasks and procedures with species not undertaken at SIAL. 

Part 4: Doctoral Program:  while undertaking parts 1, 2 and 3, the resident will be simultaneously integrated into a doctoral program supervised by staff from the UAB Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The doctoral program will require the resident to conduct research to a level required by ECLAM and will lead to the qualification of PhD.

Resident places are offered when vacancies occur. If you would like to considered please send your CV to