If you are interested in taking part in the project, if you are interested in using the materials for your own research, if you are interested in translating the clip into other languages, if you are interested in providing additional materials or if you publish any research using these materials, please contact us! We would like this project to expand and include other languages and providers, both professional and amateurs, so that we gain a thorough knowledge of audio description. Find next a list of researchers who have used the VIW corpus and have let us know:

Cristóbal Cabeza-Cáceres is using the corpus to assess AD quality. He gave a presentation on this in ARSAD 2017.

Anna Jankowska is using the corpus to develop Polish voice-over, audio description and audiosubtitling, and also to test an accessibility app within the Audio Movie project. "What happens while" has been shown in May 2017 through the application at Sektor 3.0. It was also screened during the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia (19-22.09.2017) – the most prominent film festival in Poland and one of the oldest film festivals in Europe. What Happens While was shown at a special screening for the film industry to present them a mobile application for audio description reproduction result of the AudioMovie project.  "AudioMovie - Cinema for All" (2015-2018) is a project funded by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development" (IS-2/110/NCBR/2015).

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