Translation, Technologies and Employability

On this website you have seen my fields of expertise and interests. Currently I am working on the ProjecTA project on machine translation and postediting and on the EGPS project on European work placements. Please contact me if your ideas on theses projects are so interesting and exciting that I should stop what I’m doing and listen to you. You may:

- Invite us to participate in your research project
- Invite us to coordinate a project
- Invite us to be reviewers or evaluators
- Invite us to be members of a committee (scientific committee, professional committee, academic committee, etc.)
- Invite us to arrange an agreement with your company (for research purposes, work placements, etc.)
- Invite us to write a piece of work for your project
- Invite us to give a talk, seminar, class, etc.
- Invite us for online collaboration: webinars, tribunals, seminars, interviews, meetings, etc.  

Contact Details
Olga Torres Hostench

Edifici K. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain
Office phone: +34 93 581 33 76
E-mail address:

LinkedIn: Olga Torres Hostench

Twitter: @OTHbcn

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