The project is led by Anna Matamala and Olga Soler-Vilageliu, TransMedia Catalonia researchers at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


The research team is made up of the following researchers:

Judit Castellà (UAB)

Miquel Edo (UAB)

Nuria Mendoza (Nebrija)

Juan Pedro Rica (UCM)


The working team is made up of the following researchers:

Cristóbal Cabeza-Cáceres (UAlacant)

Sarah Eardley-Weaver (QUB)

Nazaret Fresno (UTRGV)

Josep Dávila (UTRGV)

Paula Igareda (UAB)

Anna Jankowska (Jagellionian University Krakow)

Marta Bosch-Baliarda (PhD student, UAB)

Gonzalo Iturregui-Gallardo (PhD student, UAB)

Jordi Méndez (UAB, as of 01/02/2017)

Andreu Oliver (PhD student, UAB) On 5th April 2017 he was awarded his PhD and finished his relationship with UAB and the project.

Iris C. Permuy Hércules de Solás (PhD student, UAB)

Alicia Rodríguez (PhD student, UAB)

Anna Serrano (UAB, as of 01/02/2017)

Agnieszka Walczak (PhD student, UAB)


As of November 1st 2016, the team was expanded to include invited experts in psychophysiological measures:

Michal Kuniecki (Jagellionian University Krakow)

Joanna Pilarczyk (PhD student, Jagellionian University Krakow)

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