1. NEA and VIW cooperate to give a presentation at MMC 2016-LREC on May 24 2016. Presentation and article available at UAB's open access repository.
  2. Castellà, Oliver, Gerber and Soler discuss different platforms for access services in a presentation given at the International Meeting of Psychomonic Society 2016 in May 2016 (Granada, Spain).
  3. Kick-off meeting of all project members on June 6th 2016 at UAB.
  4. Agnieszka Walczak presented a paper at the EST conference in Aarhus (September 2016). Paper: "Making cinema accessible for the blind and visually impaired". Open access link.
  5. Internal workshop on Captiv, which will be used in the project to measure heart rate and electrodermal activity. UAB, 06/10/16.
  6. Gonzalo Iturregui-Gallardo (with Anna Matamala and Olga Soler as co-authors) presented the NEA project and his work on audio subtitling at Languages and the Media (4 November 2016 in Berlin). Open access link.
  7. Anna Matamala gives an invited talk on media accessibility and explains the NEA project at the "Workshop Audiovisual translation and access for people with disabilities", organised by DG Translation at the Ioanian University of Corfu. December 2nd 2016.
  8. Gonzalo Iturregui-Gallardo does a research stay at Jagellionian University of Krakow with Dr. Michał Kuniecki to learn more about psychophysiological measures to be used in NEA. During his stay, Gonzalo Iturregui-Gallardo presented the NEA project and his PhD in front of the Chair for Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication (24/01/2017) and at the Institute of Psychology (26/01/2017).
  9. Publication related to the NEA project: Walczak, A. & Fryer, L. (2017) "Creative audio description: The impact of audio description style on presence in visually impaired audiences". British Journal of Visual Impairment.
  10. 2nd NEA internal workshop, on February 15th 2017. Internal project discussion and presentation by Gonzalo Iturregui-Gallardo.
  11. Anna Matamala presents results of an analysis of audio descriptions from the VIW corpus at AIETI conference in Alcalá (09/3/17): "Intralinguistic variation in the audio description of a short film".
  12. NEA cooperates in the organisation of ARSAD, international conference on audio description.
  13. NEA, presented by Olga Soler-Vilageliu at ARSAD. Other project members also give presentations: Gonzalo Iturregui-Gallardo and Iris Permuy, on opera audio introductions. Anna Jankowska, on reading speed in audio description. Agnieszka Walczak, on AD and immersion. Juan Pedro Rica, on a corpus of students' audio descriptions. Nazaret Fresno, on engagement in audio description. And Cristóbal Cabeza-Cáceres, on AD quality.
  14. Anna Matamala gives a workshop at the Catalan Government on accessibility. Barcelona, 22.03.17.
  15. Anna Matamala presents NEA at 2017 Sino-Foreign Audiovisual Translation and Dubbing Cooperation Workshop. Shanghai, June 2017.
  16. Publication related to the project: Walczak and Fryer (2017) "Vocal delivery of audio description by genre", published by Perspectives. Studies in Translatology.
  17. Gonzalo Iturregui-Gallardo discusses audiosubtitling and the application of psychophysiological measures to test their impact on user experience at the conference Barrier-free communication: Methods and Products (Winterthur, Switzerland). September 2017. Open access link.

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  20. Gonzalo Iturregui-Gallardo presents the methodology of the study and the preliminary results of a pilot experiment focusing on the use of psychophysiological measures in the induction of emotions through film clips at the Enhancing Audio Description conference (York, United Kingdom). October 2017.  Open access link to presentation. Open access link to paper

  21. Gonzalo Iturregui-Gallardo discusses the treatment of multilingualism in films through the use of different audio subtitling strategies at the TraFilm Conference: Multilingualism and Audiovisual Translation (Barcelona, Spain). December 2017.  Open access link.

  22. Anna Matamala, invited to Simbiòtic Talks to discuss accessibility. Barcelona, 02/12/17. 

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