Who is invited to apply?

The MMOBE programme aims to provide advanced education to students in the analysis and study of the field of business economics. Therefore, the programme establishes a student profile of what it considers to be the ideal candidate for the MMOBE programme. If you feel you have the capacities, knowledge and interests that we describe hereinafter, then we invite you to apply for the MMOBE.

Capacities: analyse phenomena in an abstract way; resolve and extract conclusions in relation to quantitative problems; revise, criticise and synthesise analysis, essays and articles on economic phenomena; distinguish, relate and order concepts; organize work schedules, obtain results from learning and communicate them orally and in writing; collaborate with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams in the English language; adapt to new situations and new ways of working and studying.

Background knowledge required: general knowledge of the organisation and management of businesses; general economic knowledge; calculation and optimization; statistics and notions of econometrics; a proficient level of English.

Interests: in-depth analysis of companies from a conceptual and formal point of view with an eye to improving comprehension of the same; understanding and improving the management of organisations in consideration of the different interests at stake; understand the measures that regulators implement to order markets, promote certain business practices or restrict others; discover and comprehend the interrelations that may arise between financial phenomena, business decisions and the organisation and structure of markets.

Preferred qualifications

The MMOBE has defined certain preferential qualifications that are considered to provide the ideal background knowledge. These qualifications are degrees in: Company Administration and Management; Economics; Industrial Engineering or Engineering in similar areas. Other qualifications considered to be related are degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Information Technology and similar qualifications. Finally, other degrees will be considered in combination with postgraduate courses in Company Administration and Management or Economics.

Who can not apply for the MMOBE?

The MMOBE is an international Masters course for students of either sex from any of the five continents. You are not invited to apply for the MMOBE if you consider that your religious, moral or cultural principles justify your superiority or disregard for other beliefs or sexes. Collaboration, respect, demand and excellence are the governing principles of the MMOBE programme.


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