MEBA and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona have signed an agreement with the Burgundy School of Business - ESC Dijon allowing students from both institutions to engage in an exchange study program during the second semester of the academic year (Januay - July)


* Language:


 - English


* Admission requirements


 - Having successfully passed all the modules in the first semester in MEBA.

 - Level B2 of English.


* Exchange duration:


 - 1 semester in Dijon, starting in January


* Workload:


 - All the courses in the “Advanced Corporate Finance” specialization

 - Writing of the Master Thesis


* Degrees awarded:


 - UAB Master in Economics and Business Administration

 - ESC Dijon Master in Management



+ info about the Double Degree [pdf; 0.4 MB]

+ info about Dijon [pdf; 1.7 MB]


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