M1. Introduction to human and computer vision

The aim of this module is introduce the students to computer vision including basics of human visual system and image perception, acquisition and processing. In terms of processing, the module deals with low-level pixel-based transforms, linear, nonlinear and morphological filtering, Fourier analysis, multiscale representations, extraction of simple features and image descriptions. Furthermore, elementary grouping, segmentation and classification strategies will be discussed as well as quality and assessment methodologies for image processing algorithms. To put into practice the algorithms and techniques, the students will work on a concrete project along the course. The aim is to provide an applied knowledge of a broad variety of Computer Vision techniques applied to solve a real-world vision problem. The project goal is to detect specific objects in images, in our case traffic signals, using basic CV techniques such as linear and non-linear filtering segmentation, grouping, template matching, modeling, etc. The knowledge obtained can be used in a wide variety of applications, for instance, quality control, generic object detection, security applications, etc.
Project title: 
Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition (I)

The goal of this project is to apply the basic concepts and techniques to build a system to detect specific objects. In this project we focus on Traffic Signs detection and recognition (TSDR) in images recorded by an on-board vehicle camera. This project is framed in the field of the computer-aided driver assistance, along with obstacle detection, pedestrian detection, parking assistance or lane departure warning, as well as a range of non-visual components like GPS-based vehicle positioning or intelligent route planning. For these reasons, TSDR represents a typical problem where Computer Vision techniques can be successfully applied to obtain automatic results in a real-world problem. The learning objectives for the students are the use of local image features, such as color, contours, etc., to implement a system able to solve the proposed problem. In this way, the students can experience with the problems of designing and evaluating the performance of an object detection system.


Module lectures: 
Academic Year 2018-2019         
Week Date Time Lecture Lecturer University Building Room
1 Mon.Oct. 1st 16:00-18:00  Human Visual system and perception Marcelo Bertalmío UPC A4 206
1 Mon.Oct. 1st 18:00-19:00 Project Introduction

Ramon Morros/ Verónica Vilaplana

UPC A4 206
1 Wed.Oct. 3rd 16:00-18:00 Image formation and color representation Marcelo Bertalmío UPC A4 206
2 Mon.Oct. 8th 16:00-18:00 Image processing assesment and pixel-based processing  Philippe Salembier UPC A4 206
2 Mon.Oct. 8th 18:00-19:00 Project follow-up R.Morros/ V. Vilaplana UPC A4  206
2 Wed.Oct.10th 16:00-18:00 Morphological and nonlinear filtering   Philippe Salembier UPC A4 206 
3 Mon.Oct.15th 16:00-18:00 Space-frequency representation, Fourier transform and linear filtering (I)  Javier Ruiz  UPC  A4 206
3 Mon.Oct.15th 18:00-19:00 Project follow-up R.Morros/ V.Vilaplana  UPC  A4 206
3 Wed.Oct.17th 16:00-18:00  Space-frequency representation, Fourier transform and linear filtering (II) Javier Ruiz UPC A4  206
4 Mon.Oct.22nd 16:00-18:00 Scale-space theory and multi-scale image processing  Javier Ruiz UPC  A4  206 
4 Mon.Oct.22nd 18:00-19:00 Project follow-up  R.Morros/ V.Vilaplana UPC  A4  206 
4 Wed.Oct.24th 16:00-18:00 HOMEWORK        
5 Mon.Oct.29th 16:00-18:00 Feature extraction Verónica Vilaplana UPC A4 206
5 Mon.Oct.29th 18:00-19:00 HOMEWORK


5 Wed.Oct. 31st 16:00-18:00 HOMEWORK        
6 Mon.Nov. 5th 16:00-18:00 Grouping, segmentation and classification (I) Ramón Morros  UPC  A4  206 
6 Mon.Nov. 5th 18:00-19:00 Project follow-up

R.Morros/ V. Vilaplana

UPC  A4 206 
6 Wed.Nov. 7th 16:00-18:00 Grouping, segmentation and classification (II) Ramón Morros  UPC A4 206 
7 Mon.Nov.12th 16:00-19:00 HOMEWORK

 R.Morros/ V. Vilaplana 

UPC   A4  206  
Wed.Nov.14th 16:00-18:00 HOMEWORK        
8 Mon.Nov.19th 16:00-19:00  Project Presentations R.Morros/ V. Vilaplana   UPC  A4   206  
8 Wed.Nov.21st 16:00-18:00 HOMEWORK        
9 Mon.Nov.28th 16:00-19:00 HOMEWORK        
9 Wed.Nov.30th 16:00-18:00 HOMEWORK        
10 Mon.Dec.3rd 16:00-19:00 EXAM

Philippe Salembier

UPC A4 001

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