Company project proposals

Academic year 2018-2019

If you are interested in sending a proposal for a Master project in this master, please fill the form below, submit your proposal and we will contact you later.

The procedure for a company to propose a project in the frame of this master is the following:

  1. Insert your proposal though the form below.
  2. Wait for the answer from one of the coordinators, they will analyse two aspects of your proposal:
    • Adequacy of the proposal for a Master dissertation (we have to examine that the proposed project allows the student to achieve the expected learning competences)
    • Assignment of an academic supervisor to the project (you can propose a preferred supervisor from any of the insitutions in the master, UAB, UOC, UPC or UPF)
  3. Project is made visible to the students, at this moment the students can contact supervisor or company contact and the companty can start the selection process.
  4. Assign the student to a project (Period for selecting a student starts at the moment the project is visible through this website while the formal assignment takes place by end of March, finishing at early April)
  5. Sign the educational agreement between the company and the UAB (coordinating university), you can find <<<here>>> how to proceed for this.
  6. Start of the project (Usually beginning at May, the 1st, for full-time students)
  7. Project defence can be either in July or in September (usually around 2nd week of the month)


If you require further information from us you can contact any of these coordinators:

----  at UAB, Dr. Ramon Baldrich  (ramon.baldrich at uab dot cat / 935811929) and Dr. Maria Vanrell (maria.vanrell at uab dot cat / 935812415)

----  at UOC, Dr. Xavier Baró (xbaro at uoc dot edu)

----  at UPC, Dr, Josep Ramon Casas (josep.ramon.casas at upc dot edu) or

                    Dr. Elisa Sayrol (elisa.sayrol at upc dot edu)

----  at UPF, Dr. Xavier Binefa (xavier.binefa at upf dot edu)

Company contact details:

A technically competent person that will act as the tutor of the student from the part of the company and will coordinate with the academic supervisor of the student.

Project proposal:

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