Maria Antònia Tarrazón

Research interests: 

Corporate Finance (Capital Budgeting, Real Options, Risk Management), Corporate Social Responsibility, Investment Strategies, Gender & Entrepreneurship


Recent publications: 
  • (with Yordanova,D.I.) (2010), "Gender Differences in Entrepreneurial Intentions: Evidence from Bulgaria", Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 15 (3), 245-261.
  • (with Yordanova, D.I.) (2009), "Determinants of entrepreneurial intentions among Bulgarian university students: An exploratory investigation", in G.Chobanov, J.Plöhn and D.Schellhaass (eds.), Towards a Knowledge Based Society in Europe, Vol.1, 39-57, Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main. (with Bosch, M.T. and Montllor, J.)
  • (2007), "NPV as a Function of the IRR: The Value Drivers of Investment Projects", Journal of Applied Finance, Fall/Winter, 41-45.
First Name: 
Maria Antònia
Last Name: 
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
+34 93 581 3116
Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B