Joan Llonch

Research interests: 

Strategic Marketing, Market Orientation, International Marketing and Services Marketing

Recent publications: 
  • (with Carme Casablancas Segura and María del Carmen Alarcón Del Amo) (2016). Stakeholder orientation in public universities: A conceptual discussion and a scale development. Spanish Journal of Marketing, 20, pp. 41 -57.
  • (with María-del- Carmen Alarcón Del Amo and Carme Casablancas Segura)  (2016). Responsive and proactive stakeholder orientation in public universities: antecedents and consequences. Higher Education, 72 (2), pp. 131-151.
  • (with Miguel Ángel López-Lomelí and Jorge Eduardo Gómez-Villanueva) (2016). How local/global is your brand? A technique to assess brand categorization. International, Journal of Market Research (forthcoming)
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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
+34 93 581 2269
Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B