Master's theses

September 2017

Noha Gamal Abdelhamid Ibrahim. Effects of R&D spillovers on productivity. The case of China
Karol Mayerly Rodriguez Cabrera. Inequality and city size in developing countries: The Colombian case
Javier González Tapia. The pro-collusive and unilateral effect of a merger in a local spatial market
Juan Andrés Piedra Peña. Testing the impact of health reforms in Ecuadorian public hospitals: A Metafrontier Approach
Francesco Nemore. Tax morale and public spirit on immigration issues in Italy: An empirical investigation
Sabrina Armenio. Emission trading: A double experimental study with myopic and non-myopic regulation in homogeneous and heterogeneous industry
Oriana Sofia Alvarez Vos. The impact of regulations on female employment formality: The Colombian case
Laura Vilaseca Corominas. Preferences for redistribution and national identity
Sergi Martinez Soler. Inequality and political budget cycles in Spanish municipalities: Analyzing partisan budgetary strategies across different standards of inequality
Josep Serrano. The deleveraging process in Japan: A chain reaction analysis.
Manel Mansilla Valverde. Explaining Countries TEA Efficiency: A Formal and Informal Institution approach through Free Disposal Hull Analysis
Branko Albertus Miodrag Jovanovic. Co-working spaces in Barcelona: A business plan
Roman Kryvoruchko. The role of education and experience in aspiring for firm growth. The moderator effect of innovative orientation
Paul Karsties. The relationship between export and technological cooperation activities on SMEs’ growth
Artsiom Bahamzu. Comparative and cost-efficiency analysis of the usage cars running on electricity, gasoline and diesel, based on the example of Belarusian company from the taxi industry
Maryam Vaziri. Brand clarity of the different types of brands (local, global, glocal): An empirical study in the emerging economy of Iran
Jules Beaumont. The sharing economy: An explorative research on the motivational and averse factors of the Airbnb user and intrapreneur

July 2017

Sonkurt Kemal Sen. Parental risk attitudes and school choice: Evidence from Turkey
Mario Intini. Pay cycles and gasoline price: A quasi-experimental approach
Issye Margaretha Kamal. The relationship between innovations and efficiency. Deploting DEA Handicap Method to Indian manufacturing industry
Xiao Guo. The impact of RMB appreciation on China’s foreign trade

September 2016

Abdulkader K. Kaakeh: Innovation and productivity: testing for size and sector before and during Financial crisis
Karen V. Barrañón: Institutional conditions and entrepreneurial capacity: an international study
Sena Pinarci: Determining the effects of the customer satisfaction in service industry. The study of A Logistics Company in Turkey
Alberto Roca: Socioeconomic factors behind the mismatch between fish catches and scientist' recommendations: An analysis of cod catches in the North and Baltic Sea
Mohammad Mahdavipour: Effect of economic freedom on entrepreneurship (OECD countries)
Trang T.T. Nguyen: Tax administration resources and income inequality
Julius Brendler: What drives successful crowdfunding campaigns? The role of reward and network size
Thai Binh Pham: Multi-stage DEA with ratio variable: an application in banking with consideration of risks.
Paloma Heredia: The impact of weather variables on pesticide use for the case of Spain. A VAR-X analysis
Obryan Poyser: Spatial interaction and agglomeration: The case of restaurants in the Great Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica
Juan D. Reyes: The effects of strategic orientations on firm performance, and the mediating role of innovation: a meta-analytic path analysis
Reyna B. Rodarte: Professionalization in Family Firms: A comparison between high-tech and low-tech organizations
Miroslav Mintchev: The Bulgarian Immigrants in Spain. Will the newcomer stay?
Rubén Vilar: Measuring the Importance of Agglomeration Economies across Iberian Cities
Mahdi Shahsavari: Determining the Relative Efficiency of European Smart Cities Using DEA
Carlos Andrés Moreno Hurtado: Regional Wage Differentials, Labour Informality and Human Capital in a Developing Country: The Ecuadorian Case
Rostyslav Klopochuk: Bank failure predictors study: case of Ukrainian separatist crisis
Marc Aliana: Analysis of the relationship between individual's efficiency and organization's success: A football case
Angeliki Papanikita: Intellectual Property Rights protection and innovation: Academic literature and Public policy
Tobias Stenzel: Product innovation ans SMEs growth: The moderating role of technological cooperation with competitors 

Maryna Chepurna: Constraining factors in the on-line co-creation in new product development: the companies' point of view
Odai Masoud: Distance as a proxy of bilareral trade cost
Omar Arias: A Trade-off between R&D Investment and Consumer Surplus in a Cournot Duopoly with Unilateral Cross-Ownership
Olga Murga: Risk Sharing, Mobile Money and Financial Inclusion
Martina Siskova: Exploring the impact of Aid for Trade on Export Divesification in Developing Countries
Djordje Mitic: Expanding the tool-box: An Economic Introduction to the Incremental Housing Policy
Lisa Chiara Farioli: The emergence of top multilatinas: A cross-country analysis based upon home country characteristics
Daniel Guerrero: The lack of alternative income sources: the case of overfishing in the Fluvial Star of Inirida, Colombian Amazon


September 2015:

Laura Montolio: Labour force participation of women: the 2003 reform in Spain
Daniel Szymoniak: The impact of inequality on economic growth and investment
Alexander Lukasssen: The economic impact of stadiums and teams: evidence from the 3rd and 4th division soccer in Germany
Ahmet R. Ozkadilar: An Analysis of the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Financial Performance in European Family Businesses.
Jannik Böger: Cultural Dimensions and Entrepreneurial Activity: A Cross Country Study.
Sara Payoon: Entrepreneurship Development and FDI in Developing Countries.
Kseniia Komochkova:The Impact of Innovative (Technological) Behavior of Chinese SMEs on the Degree of Internationalization Through Exports in an Institutional Transition Context.
Reza Gheshmi: Strategic Configuration of Volume Flexibility-Efficiency and its Effects on Financial performance in Small and Medium Sized Companies (SMEs).
Ignacio Esnaola: Analysis of the Chilean capital income taxation system: retrospective vision of the system and analysis of the new regulatory framework
Angeliki Papanikita: Intellectual Property Rights protection and the penetration of generic-like medicines in developing countries. A systematic literature review.
Bita Shabgard: The effect of labour income share on household savings

June 2015:

Alba Jurado. The simultaneous impact of financial performance and wage cut on auditors’ burnout: a structural equation modelling approach. (supervisor: Llorenç Bagur)
Soran Mohtadi. A research on the relationship between natural resources, human capital and economic growth: the role of political institutions (supervisor: Isabel Busom)
Kathrin Buhman. The demand of electric vehicles: Factors behind the purchase of green cars and the different type of buyers (supervisor: Josep Rialp)
Zue Zhang. How does venture capital influence start-up performance? Evidence from Internet industry in China (supervisor: Joan Lluís Capelleras)

September 2014:

Tara Tavassoli. Institutional environment, strategic orientation and business performance in Iran transition economy (supervisor: Joan Llonch)
Paola Azar. The Efficiency dimension of public education spending: evidence for Latin America countries from a historical perspective (1970-2010) (supervisor: Oriol Roca)
Joseph Fossett : Inflation hedging properties of Southern European Real State - A comparison with bonds and equities. Supervisor: Javier Asensio)
Miguel Ferrer: Supporters proximity and home advantage: Evidences from R.C.D. Espanyol de Barcelona (Supervisor: Francesc Trillas)
Gözde Erodğan : Consumer Attitude and Behavior towards Local and Global Brands in Emerging Markets: The Case of Turkey (Supervisor: Joan Llonch)
Yue Zhao: Research on Relationship between Income and subjective well-being: Evidence from CGSS 2010 in China. (Supervisor: Xavi Ramos)
Laura Fernández : Evolution of the carbon intensity of the EU-27 Manufacturing Industry and its driving factors: An index decomposition analysis for the period 1995-2009 (Supervisor: Emilio Padilla)
Waleed Shleha : The determinants of entrepreneurial growth aspirations: the role of export orientation and enterpreneur’s higher education. (Supervisor: Joan Lluís Capelleras)
Adriana Cuenca :Entrepreneurial intention in university students: Factors that determine the entrepreneurial intention. (Supervisor: Tomislav Rimac).

July 2014:

Junhee Lee. The shadow cost of education : how does private tutoring affect students' subjective well-being? (Supervisor: Yarine Fawaz)
Jorge Redondo. Measuring Innovation Efficiency in Europe. A Färe-Primont TFP Index Approach (supervisor: Diego Prior)
Gezim Turkeshi. Market segmentation in Andorra tourism: a comparison of seasonality (supervisor: Josep Rialp)
Nikolaos Litsardopoulos. A Business Plan for STROKE Therapy Project: MAGNET (Supervisor: Alex Rialp)
Victor Querol. Social progress orientation and entrepreneurial activity: an international analysis (supervisor David Urbano)
Sebastián Aparicio. Institutional factors, opportunity entrepreneurship and economic growth: panel data evidence (supervisor: David Urbano).
Lidia Andrés. Energy intensity in road freight transport of heavy goods vehicles in Spain (Supervisor: Emilio Padilla)

The theses are posted here as they were submitted for their defense. They should not be cited without the authors' agreement.

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