Joan-Lluís Capelleras

Research interests: 

Firm growth, new venture creation, strategic management

Recent publications: 
  • (with Federico, J.S.)  (2015), "The heterogeneous dynamics between growth and profits: the case of young firms", Small Business Economics, 44, 231-253. 
  • (with Contin, I. and M.Larraza) (2011), "Publicly funded pre-start support for new firms: who demands it and how it affects their employment growth", Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 29 (5), 821-847.
  • (with Greene, F.J.; Kantis, H. and R. Rabetino) (2010), "Venture creation speed and subsequent growth: Evidence from South America", Journal of Small Business Management, 48 (3), 302-324.
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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
+34 93 581 4297

Inaugural lecture 2017/18

Next  Thursday 19 October at 16h professor Antonio Estache will deliver MAREB's inaugural lecture for the course 2017-18, under the title"Institutions for Infrastructure in Developing Countries: What We Know and the Lot We still Need to Know". The lecture will take place at the Faculty of Economics' Sala de Graus.

Antonio Estache is professor of economics at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), where he teaches teaches public economics, regulatory economics, development economics and environmental economics. He is research fellow of the European Centre for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics (ECARES) and CEPR associate.

More details about his research, publications and teaching activities can be found here


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