Transport Logistics Specialization

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Transport operations can lead to benefits, but can also lead to idle/oversaturated resources and earliness/tardiness in the transport of product between the supply chain actors. The difference between obtaining benefits or losses might depend on the decision-making activity. There are different methodologies that have been used traditionally to respond to planning, scheduling and routing problems; however most of them fall short of offering a proper answer when applied to highly flexible supply chain systems.

The Transport Logistic specialization will focus on the tactical and operational decision making activity, in which students will understand the cause-effect relationship upwards and downwards the chain by means of quantitative methods (optimization and simulation models) to evaluate the benefits and shortages of different transport policies on the supply chain KPI’s.

First Semester Second Semester
Module ECTS Type Title Module ECTS Type Title
UAB.1 6 Mandatory Decision Making In Transport Systems M2.12 30 Mandatory Master Thesis
UAB.2 5 Mandatory Economy & Legislation of Transport Systems        
UAB.3 9 Mandatory Modeling & Optimization of Transport Systems        
UAB.4 5 Mandatory Basics of Transport Infrastructures & Services        
UAB.5 5 Mandatory Transport Systems Management        
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