Pre-enrollment periods for 2016-17 (4th Cohort):

  • Pre-enrollment period: open from January until September, 2016.
  • Resolution date will be communicated a maximum of 20 days after the application

To pre-enrol for this Official Master you must:

  1. Do the Application for admission as explained below
  2. Prepare the documentation for the admission evaluation
  3. Communication
  4. Reserve your place

1. Application for admission.

Since this is a joint master programme, all the admission and enrollment procedures are performed at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona:

  • If you are not yet a UAB student, first you will have to register to get a "NIA" (Student Identification Number). To do so, click on this link  and follow the instructions. 
    Once you have your NIA, follow the procedure for UAB students, as explained below.
  • If you are already a UAB student, you can pre-enrol and attach the documentation yourself via Internet. Click on this link  and follow the instructions.

2. Prepare the documentation for the admission evaluation

You will need to collect and scan the following mandatory documentation to attach to the online application.

  1. Academic transcript of higher studies with details of: subjects studied, ECTS (or hours), number of exams sessions required per subject, grade per subject and overall grade (weighted grade-point average).
  2. Degree/qualification corresponding to the academic transcript presented in the previous point (if you still haven't got it you can send it later).
  3. This Application form.  It is very important to indicate your preferences for the second year specialization at this form.
  4. Certificate accrediting level of English.

Remember that if the documentation you are attaching is not written in Catalan, Spanish or English, you will also have to include the respective sworn translations into English. Documents in French, Italian or Portuguese can be translated by the UAB Language Service. Translation fees must be paid by the applicant. With regard to documents issued in other languages, applicants must provide a translation into English, either by a certified translator or through the Spanish consulate or embassy in their home country, or the embassy or consulate of their home country in Spain.

If you do not yet have the degree because you are still completing the course, you must declare this in the "Situation of previous studies" section, indicating "Pending".

3. Communication

Once the applicant files have been evaluated by the Master's Admissions Committee, the applicant will be informed by e-mail about the decision made and the steps to follow

4. Reserve your place

Upon receiving confirmation that you have been admitted to the master's degree the next step is to reserve your place.

To reserve your place you need to make a payment by wire transfer of 500, 1,000 or 1,500 euros (you may choose any of these three options), for pre-registration.

This amount will be deducted from the final registration fee. This fee is non-refundable and therefore, if you do not complete your registration, it will not be returned to you nor can it be used for other courses. If you do not reserve your place within the set period, the UAB reserves the right to assign it to another applicant.


Right after being admitted, you will receive an email with all the details for performing the reservation fee payment

Should you encounter any issue or you have any question regarding the pre-enrolment, please contact the Engineering School Admistrative Office via email at:

Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B