Logistics Systems Engineering and Implementation Specialization

Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

The specialization comprises one semester of classes and one semester dedicated to carrying out the master project and prepare master thesis. Modules in the 3rd semester aim to apply knowledge and competences from the 1st year to the specification, design and analysis of different types of logistics systems. Core elements are procedures for the compilation of tender and performance specifications. First, they are introduced in terms of generic methodology by defining tender and performances specifications, discussing their roles within the framework of projects for logistics systems engineering and implementation, explaining functions and contents of tender and performance specifications, presenting suitable description media and collecting quality characteristics for the inspection of a tender or performance specification.

Special focus is set on legal aspects in national and trans-European frameworks and on the impact of intercultural diversity and regional specifics. These methodical foundations are applied to designing and analysing logistics systems from both spheres the physical one and the IT one. For the sphere of physical flows students chose between company-internal and company-external systems, i.e. they can focus on operational and managerial solutions either in material handling or in transportation. Concerning the IT perspective there is a separate module for specifying and evaluating logistics management and control systems. Here, students are not expected to become developers of those systems, but to understand functionality of, specify requirements for, and select and evaluate appropriate IT solutions for managing and controlling material handling and/or transport systems.

The modules on logistics system design, analysis, specification and evaluation are completed by a module focussing on implementation and ramp-up of those systems. This module particularly deals with challenges, methods, and strategies for managing projects to bring conceptual system solutions to life, no matter what kind of logistics system we talk about. With this, the specialization provides students with methodology and practical experience in the whole developmental process of logistics systems and particularly strengthens the link between system design and implementation.

First Semester Second Semester
Module ECTS Type Title Module ECTS Type Title
UASW.1 10 Elective Material handling system design and analysis M2.12 30 Mandatory Master Thesis
UASW.2 10 Elective Transport system design and analysis        
UASW.3 10 Mandatory Logistics management and control system specification and
UASW.4 10 Mandatory Logistics system implementation and ramp-up        
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