The LSCM master's degree is targeting all graduates who want to deepen their knowledge in the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management combined with an international and intercultural orientation and with a particular focus on methodologies and techniques which are able to handle business data, financial data and engineering data in order to find efficient solutions dealing with strategic, tactical and operational questions from an integrating perspective.

Because of the strong focus on analytical and quantitative methods, including applied mathematical theories, empirical statistics methods and operations research, candidates are highly recommended to have passed some undergraduate preparation in IT fundamentals, calculus and linear algebra.

Admission Requirements

  • Four-year or EHEA bachelor degree in Science or Engineering or an equivalent recognised degree from an accredited higher education institution. Four-year or EHEA bachelor degree in Economics or other similar studies with a technical profile. Degrees in other studies will be taken into account by the admissions body.
  • The required competency in English is equivalent TOEFL 90-91 (Internet based), level B2 or higher according to the Common European Framework or any equivalent. Knowledge of German, Latvian, Spanish or Catalan is not compulsory, but will be an advantage.
  • Student in their final year of study can not be considered until they demonstrate satisfactory award of an upper class degree.

Selection Criteria

Since the programme understands itself as a provider of high level education, admission to the program will be very competitive and based on academic excellence criteria and relevant work experience related to the subjects of the programme. Students will be ranked according to:

Criteria Rate (%)
Previous qualification (degree speciality and marks) [0,60]
Standard of English (if higher than minimum requirement) [0,15]
Any relevant publications, works experience or project in the field [0,10]
Motivation statement [0,10]
Recommendation letters [0,05]
TOTAL [0,100]

Applicants will be graded on a four point scale (A, B, C, D): A - Accepted / B - Waiting list / C - Accept to Waiting List (place on the waiting list is subject to conditions specified by the admission committee) / D - Cannot accept.

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