Teaching and supervision

University teaching and BA, MA, PhD supervision

University Teaching

1998 to present. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Departament de Filologia Anglesa i Germanística, Facultat de Filosofia i Lletres
Bellaterra, Catalonia, Spain.

* Undergraduate courses
English Studies degree: English Phonetics and Phonology I and II, Oral Skills and Pronunciation, Advanced Phonology, Research Methods in Linguistics, English Grammar and Linguistics, English Language I, English Language II and Advanced Composition in English, .
* Graduate courses
Masters and PhD programs: The acquisition of a second language phonology, Experiments in phonetics and phonology (Introduction to Speech Analysis), Seminar on Research Methods in Linguistics, Academic Abilities in English, Oral skills and the teaching or pronunciation.

Fall 2006-Spring 2007. University of Toronto at Mississauga
Department of French, German and Italian - Linguistics.
Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

* Introduction to Linguistics, English Grammar, Phonetics, Sound Patterns in Language

2002 to 2004. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Servei d'Idiomes. Facultat de Ciències de la Salut. Estudis d'Oodontologia i Fisioterapia.
Sant Cugat, Catalonia, Spain.

* English for Special Purposes: English Language I, English Language II and English Language III for students of Dentistry and Physical Therapy Studies.

1994-1998. University of Toronto
Department of Linguistics.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

* Instructor of Introduction to Linguistics. (1998)
* Teaching Assistant and Grader of Introduction to Linguistics, Phonetics, and Sound Patterns in Language. (1994-1998)

Aug. 1991-May 1992. College of the Holy Cross College
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

* Spanish language Teaching Assistant.

BA, MA, PhD supervision


April 2017. Carlet, A. PhD dissertation. L2 perception and production of English consonants and vowels by Catalan speakers: The effects of attention and training task in a cross-training study. 

July 2018. Bukraba, M. MA dissertation. Production of aspiration in cognate and non-cognate words by Czech learners of English.

September 2017. Eskola, A. MA dissertation. Perception of similarity between Spanish and English vowels by Spanish learners of English.

July 2016. Liu Z. MA dissertation. Exploring cross-linguistic influence: Perception and production of L1, L2 and L3 bilabial stops by Mandarin Chinese speakers.

July 2016. Gorba Masip, C. MA dissertation. The effect of foreign language experience on the categorization and production of native and non-native stops by Spanish learners of English.

July 2015. Torrent, M. MA dissertation (co-supervised with Dr. E. Alexandra Vraciu). Effects of foreign language anxiety and self-esteem on oral fluency: The case of young Catalan/Spanish bilinguals learning English as a foreign language.

June 2014. Zhu Caifeng. MA dissertation. Perception and production of the /θ/-/s/ Contrast by Mandarin-speaking learners of English.

Sept. 2013. Motiee, G. MA dissertation (co-supervised with Dr. Ana Fernández Montraveta). The effect of anxiety on foreign language reading comprehension among Spanish/Catalan university-level students of English.

Sept. 2012. Julkowska, I. MA dissertation. Effects of shared L1 and error type on the intelligibility and accentedness of L2 speech.

June 2014. Barneto, C. BA dissertation. Catalan speakers' perceptual assimilation of English vowels: Effects of L2 experience and phonetic context.

June 2014. Traoré, A. BA dissertation. Non-native perception of English tonicity: An experimental study involving Catalan learners of English.

June 2013. Rovira, S. BA dissertation. Teaching pronunciation to children in an instructional setting: The effect of short term training on two different age groups.

In progress

Gorba, C. PhD dissertation. The effect of L2 experience on the production and perception of native and non-native similar phones.

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