Professional Perspectives

At the same time the world is suffering from economic crisis, companies still value the skills that a candidate with and professional master degree for what he can brings to the table. And at the same time employers plan to pay those they hire with a professional master degree nearly twice as much as those with only an undergraduate education. And they still can open a number of professional doors to opportunities across a wide range of fields. 

UAB Master Graduate acquires the ability to develop their skills at management level in department such as Marketing, organization, Finance, Human Recourse, and other operational ambits. Professional opportunities also include entrepreneurial activities, consultancy work, etc.

• High management positions of companies with a global vision that does not underestimate specific operational aspects.

• Entrepreneur in new business initiatives that provide new values to the society in which they are.

• Consulting business as a necessary external assistance to managers who are often in needs, due to lack of time and resources necessary to do analysis for strategic decisions.

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