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The MASTER IN EXECUTIVE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (International Edition) is an initiative of the Departament d' Economia de l’Empresa at the UAB used their own resources along with academic professionals with experience, in order to provide to students the best possible deal by combining the theoretical skills to their practical application.

The Program Educational objectives are based in:

  • To develop flexible, modern models of company management by working to provide appropriate solutions to global business.
  • To provide the knowledge and skills for Business Managers.
  • To deal effectively with administration and to manage businesses in an international context.

The MASTER IN EXECUTIVE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (International Edition) bases its quality system on the following aspects:

  • A limited number of students
  • A balanced selection of students by origin, knowledge and experience
  • Market orientation with a program structured and based around a high level of requirement.
  • Providing an integrated system of values, skills and knowledge in order to face the challenges arising from the professional development of the companies in their different areas of activity.
  • A mandatory program of remunerated in?company practical with collaborating organizations
  • Teaching staff with exceptional academic profiles and solid professional ability

Studying in Barcelona is a unique experience:

  • Barcelona today is a worldwide meeting point, the centre of attraction for a huge range of students.
  • The program has developed strong links with business networks throughout Catalonia, Spain and Europe.
  • The teaching team provides first-rate and broad-ranging international experience.

If you are an international student interested in a Master in Business Management, this is the degree you’re looking for! 

Ask for info at imbm@uab.cat

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