Alumni Testimonials

2013-2014 Students

Luisa María Guevara (Colombia)
"Being part of the IMBM program has been such a complete experience for me. I thank the professors, who taught me and inspired me to give all my effort in the classes and I thank my classmates, who taught me about the differences between our cultures.  After finishing this year, I have the strength and knowledge to deal with the different issues in real organizations. The purpose of the program is not only to teach me to be a manager, but this program has taught me to be a leader as well."

Alan Fernando Acuña (Perú)
"The executive master teaches you to have a global vision of the company. In this way, it allows you to learn aspects of all areas that a company has. This program requires effort, time and dedication, but it is worth everything I learned. On the other hand, it has been a great cultural experience, the contact with qualified professors and students from different parts of the world make this master a great and unforgettable experience."

2012-2013 Students

Vesela Velkova (Bulgaria)
"Hello, I am Vesela from Bulgaria, a former student of the IMBM class 2012/2013. After around 5 years of professional experience and studies in my home country, one day I decided I need a huge change and a few months later I was in probably the best city of the world - Barcelona - with probably the best group of colleagues, partners, soul mates - my small lovely IMBM family. It was unbelievable, but it was true!

My objectives before enrolling in the program were: go abroad to do international master in business, meet nice people from around the world, learn about do different cultures, societies and ways of life, improve my skills and knowledge, my soft skills and of course find a job. How I did it… I found the perfect program, responding my initial requirements; it was for people with at least 3 years of working experience, in English and in my favorite city.

The master was really challenging, most of the subjects and the professors were great and I believe that a significant part of the obtained knowledge I can put into practice in the real business world. Of course all depends on the personal preferences, interests, motivation and objectives. I’ve been still looking for a job, but considering the environment in Spain these days you don’t have to be surprised. I believe that this title and experience will be important for my future career path in one or other way.

The best that I took from this year, which by the way was the best year I’ve had in my life, was my small IMBM family. We were a group of 14 people, each of us from a different part of the world, coming from opposite societies, with extremely different interests, habits, standards and attitudes. The challenge to make this diverse group of people working as a whole unit made us best friends forever. I deeply recommend to everyone that is looking to meet and beat the culture shock to apply for the next edition of the master program!

Second, but not less important, is the Barcelona experience. Barcelona is a cradle of many different cultures, one of the top touristic destinations not only in Europe but also worldwide and a residence for inhabitants of different countries. The weather is perfect for most of the people I know – it has a mild winter and a sunny long summer, you can enjoy the blue Mediterranean Sea from May to October. The Spanish people are friendly, the food is delicious, the wine is amazing, the art is everywhere, and you just have to go out of your home and to have a look around.  The Spanish language is nice and easy to learn, I wish I studied more. The sum-up of Barcelona experience for me and for my class mates was “probably the best city in the world.” It made me come back to live in Barcelona again."

Karim Aljakouch (Syria)
"It was a wonderful and challenging experience of being a part of the master program (IMBM) at the University Autonoma which has a good academic reputation for its well structured and valuable Master programs. During the master program I have acquired a wide range of skills which have been crucial for me to go further with my professional and personal development. Regarding the academic staff, they were well qualified and with an excellent professional experience within the marketing field, and during the whole period of the master program they had provided us with valuable comments and guidance in order to get the maximum benefits from the master program.In addition, through my work on my Master thesis under the supervision of professor Joan Llonch, I have combined my bachelor degree in Pharmacy, work experience (within the marketing department of Abbott Laboratories company), and what I have learned during this Master program, till I came up with a new approach and a valuable proposal for the Syrian pharmaceutical companies to develop in the field of pharmaceutical marketing.

On the other hand what was also a great experience for me is that I got to know a wonderful group of people from 15 different countries from all world's continents. We have lived together in Barcelona like a close family, and we had a great time enjoying the amazing city Barcelona.Finally, I would highly recommend this master program to anyone who has the desire to go further with his/her career in order to get a high opportunity and a challenging position within our rapidly developing markets"

Miguel Herrera (Venezuela)
"The benefit I got from the IMBM program that I value the most was the opportunity to get to know different cultures; I had the chance to interact with a wide range of nationalities, this taught me that a certain situation can be solved in different ways and that there’s never only one right answer to problems, helping me daily in my career by always searching for more than one solution to every situation. Also experiencing a city like Barcelona with such a mixed society was very revealing, with such a unique architecture, made the simple act of walking the streets an enriching experience, with many jewels to discover around the corner, proved me that culture is a very important part of human’s life"

Diana Carolina Almanza Ochoa (Colombia)
"We studied the IMBM at a time when the global economy is going through hard times, and it gave us tools to understand the effect of the crisis on businesses and to devise possible solutions and strategies. Companies are more than only sales, and IMBM provided us with a wide understanding of what a company is, from human resources and behaviors, through operations and finances, up to marketing.The Business Game we played was an incredible simulation to prove our managerial capabilities.But, undoubtedly, the best experience we had was the cultural exchange with our classmates and teachers, and a new network around the world."

Karla Rojas Jara (Costa Rica)
"My experience in this program was great. I was able to learn from students from 14 different countries and increase my perspective and vision about different cultural values and behaviors around the world. The program is well structured with really interesting courses. The major part of the courses has business cases and real life examples that made the learning process more interactive, dynamic and valuable."

Oscar Bertheau (Mexico)
"The international profile of IMBM enriches the perception of business in different cultures as well as providing hands-on learning in companies  world. A great experience!"     



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