2015-2016 Farewell dinner IMBM




On June 6th took place the farewell dinner IMBM for the students and professors and coordinators in a restaurant in downtown Barcelona.

It was a night where our multicultural students remembered all the process and experience each one of them had during the IMBM at the UAB and the amazing city.  It was really interesting to see how many different stories a group that is living the same experience can have, like the language barrier for some of them, living with people from all around the world, the enrichment of knowledge from every class, interviews and job experience in another country, and more importantly, the friendships that were born in this process and of course the better professionals that our students have become.

Toasts were also part of the night; some students had some gratitude to share with their classmates, professors and coordinators. The professors also made toasts, motivating and wishing the students success in their lives and pointing out some memories.

The night went fast but was full of good moments and laughs that are going to be in the memories of all the participants.

Also other previous years the IMBM master students took photos with all of us.

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