Thesis Overview

Overview of expected key features: A guidance

The Programme promotes Doctoral Dissertation (DD) be based on a research connected to the international academic context that leads to a clear contribution to the scientific knowledge related to a specific entrepreneurial field.

This contribution can consist of, for example,

  1. a rigorous and analytical description of a not well-known business reality (realities which are by nature changing along time; and different from a country to another), as well as
  2. an explanation of an observed entrepreneurial aspect or phenomenon (i.e. verifying the different hypothesis, assessing explanatory factors of certain entrepreneurial behaviors), or
  3. identifying better management and organization practices or success factors) The external factors that favor the business creation and development are also part of the Programme’s research fields. Consequently
  4. the government policies addressed to promote entrepreneurship -as well as the relation between the business web structure and the economic development of a country- are also recommended research issues.

Therefore, doctoral candidates are encouraged to adopt an interdisciplinary perspective amongst the different areas in the fields of entrepreneurship and economy, management and administration of firms. It is also encouraged to translate this research work into a DD which contribute to the body of business knowledge making useful, non-trivial, contributions for identifiable social groups. We may understand for that:

  • results which allow to improve the decision-making as well as the working and developing the efficiency of a discrete type of enterprises from specific countries,
  • results which allow improving governments policies related to the former,
  • contributions that improve the explaining models that allow the university teaching to transmit the complex entrepreneurial reality, or for the scientific community to offer a better explanation about these matters,
  • rigorous descriptions of certain non-trivial business/entrepreneurial aspects, which may be useful for collective future researchers oriented to objectives like the previous ones.




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