Ph.D. students

Ph.D. students and thesis in progress

Curso inicio 1st year students Thesis title Supervisor
2017-18 Turki M. Alfahaid The role of the Saudi's institutional environment on the entrepreneurial activity David Urbano
2017-18 Abdullah Aljarodi Female entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia: An empirical analysis David Urbano
2017-18 Francisco González Pla Essays on Volatility in Credit Risk Modeling Lidija Lovreta
2017-18 Luis Fernando Hidalgo Varela Social Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: An Institutional Approach David Urbano / Josep Rialp
2017-18 Tatiana López Orozco Institutional dimensions and entrepreneurial activity: an international study David Urbano / Claudia Álvarez
2017-18 Ivana Resnichenko The behavior and performance of young innovative companies in Uruguay Joan Lluis Capelleras / Juan Federico
2017-18 W. Daniel Rojas Rodríguez Internationalization of SMEs in Colombia Alex Rialp / Víctor Giménez
2017-18 Jakkapong Sukphan Social Media Globalization and Society Jordi López Sintas
2017-18 Maryam Vaziri Antecedents and moderators of the brand categorization (local, global and glocal): An empirical analysis in the emerging economy of Iran Joan Llonch/ Pilar López
  2nd year students    
2016-17 Kirill Angel Asset pricing factors and sentiments: risk and return perception mediators Carlota Menéndez / Neus Orgaz
2016-17 Karen Barrañón Navarro Antecedents and consequences of dynamic capabilities in new ventures: an international study David Urbano
2016-17 Maryna Chepurna Deterrents of co-creation in the internet Josep Rialp
2016-17 Abdulkader Kaakeh Islamic behavioral finance, minorities intentions and influences in Spain Stefan Van Hemmen
2016-17 Andrea Martínez Salgueiro Weather Derivatives for Specific Event Risks in SMEs and Corporate Management Ma Antonia Tarrazón
2016-17 Trang Thi Thuy Nguyen Empirical essays on income inequality and informality. Impact of tax administration efficiency Stefan Van Hemmen
2016-17 Juan David Reyes Gómez The effects of strategic orientations on firm performance, and the mediating role of innovation performance: a meta-analytic path analysis Josep Rialp / Pilar López
2016-17 Ramón Sánchez Vila Real Option Valuation for Real Estate Investment Projects Ma Antonia Tarrazón
  3rd year students    
2013-14 Abaghan Ghahraman Investigation the comercialization of open source projects. Diego Prior
2014-15 Gezim Turkeshi Market Segmentation in a tourism environment: examining demographical and psychological variables, the media usage habits, and purchase intentions. Josep Rialp
2015-16 Alexei Arbona Estrada Racionalidad de la empresa privada en la provisión de bienes y servicios públicos: Competitividad, Bienestar Social y Desarrollo sostenible. Diego Prior / Josep Rialp
2015-16 Gozde Erdogan New Product Development and Consumer Co-creation Joan Llonch / Carmen Alarcón
2015-16 Jinju Kim Description and interpretations of the process of consumption of TV contents originated in Korea by Spanish viewers Jordi López Sintas
2015-16 Ane Ripoll Zarraga The interaction between capacity utilisation and environmental factors: the case of the Spanish airport system Diego Prior / Nicole Adler


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