Final submission

Once the doctoral dissertation is finished according to supervisor’s criteria, it should be submitted the following documents:

  • Ph.D. candidate (send by e-mail to with a copy to your supervisor/s and tutor):
    • Doctoral dissertation (word and pdf format) 
    • One page abstract in English
  • Supervisor
    • Supervisor’s report 
    • List of possible external evaluators of the thesis

After submitting the documents the Academic Committee (AC) will start with the internal and external evaluation procedures.

Once the external referee report has been received, the AC will send a copy of it, together with the results of the internal evaluation, to the Thesis supervisor and the supervisor will forward a copy of these reports/evaluation results to the candidate. 

Since these evaluation reports may contain remarks, suggestions, and/or recommendations intended to improve the Thesis, it will be however the supervisor who will decide on taking them into account and how, as far as modifying or amending the Thesis text. As a result, eventually, a definite, final, version of the Thesis is produced by the candidate. This definite version will be submitted again to the AC, jointly with a note from the supervisor pointing out 1) those changes that have been introduced, regarding the previous, evaluation-version text, as well as 2) his/her approval on that this final Thesis version go through the process of being defended by the candidate before the corresponding Jury. 

The AC, taking into account the prior supervisor’s evaluation report, the external and internal evaluation results, the final Thesis text, and the supervisor note, will produce a formal resolution in the terms of pass (’green light’) / not-pass.




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