Public defense

Having the Thesis received the ‘green light’ from the AC, it will ask the supervisor to propose 5 doctors -3 at least from another university- as candidates for the 3-members Jury before which the thesis will be defended. Then the AC will appoint the 3 members of that Jury; and will send a copy of the Thesis to them. The Jury’s member that had been appointed as chairman will decide on the date for the Thesis public defense.

Finally, the public defense takes place, and the Jury decides the grade to award to the Thesis. Having the Thesis being approved, the Ph.D. candidate is entitled to Doctor, by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, in Entrepreneurship and Management / Doctor, per la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, en Creació i Gestió d’Empreses.

You may see here a list of the Ph.D. Thesis defended into the Programme during the last years.

After the public defense of the Doctoral dissertation, it is also possible to obtain the MENTION “DOCTOR EUROPEUS“ (European Doctor), provided the established requirements for that had been fulfilled. A full description of these requirements is available in here. The Programme will try to facilitate to doctoral candidates, from the beginning of the DD phase, they are able to fulfill the referred requirements.


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