Annual Assessment

Every course students have to do an annual progress evaluation defense in front of an academic committee. It is necessary to have a positive result of this annual assessment in order to register the following course.

The duration of the Ph.D. is maximum three years.

The annual assessments will be as follows:


Deadline for submitting the documents:

  • May 15th (to be confirmed every course). Notice that all the documents submitted need to have your supervisor approval.


Annual assessment defense:

  • Normally June 15th – 30th (to be informed every course).


If the annual assessment were NOT FAVORABLE, the Ph.D. student will have to register  for a retake review, and submit the documents by the end of November and then make a new presentation in December (the dates will be confirmed every course). Should that second review be also negative, the Ph.D. candidate will be forced to leave the programme.


Here you can find a list of external examiners that have participated in our programme.






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