After Registration

Once you have registered for the first course of the IDEM Ph.D. you should do some procedures:

  1. Research Plan: Submit the following documents:

    • Specific Research Plan form of the program (available here), fulfilled and signed by you and with the approval of your supervisor/s, jointly with a timescale Planning.
    • Research Plan request form > available at this link.
  2. Commitment document
  3. Code of good practice
  4. Activities document 

You can find all the detailed information and forms regarding after registration procedures at this link.


Submission deadline:

•    December 20th  (for students admitted before 15th October)
•    January 20th (students admitted after 15th October)


Notice that the Research Plan needs to have your supervisor/s approval by the date of submission. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.

After submitting the documents the iDEM Academic Committee will evaluate the Research Plan and if they approve it we will give back to you the signed copies.


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