Admission requirements

The usual port of entry to the Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Management (iDEM) is doing previously the specific research academic training of the program Master in Applied Research in Economics and Business (MAREB). This master is an official full-time research master of one-year duration, taught completely in English. The MAREB offers high-quality training in academic and professional research, providing analytical and quantitative tools to address today’s economic challenges. More information can be found at the MAREB website.

After completing the MAREB with high academic results students can apply for continuing with Ph.D. (doctoral dissertation) if they have the agreement of a faculty member of the program to be their supervisor. The duration of the Ph.D. is approximately two or three years more.

1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year
Master MAREB iDEM Ph.D. (1st course) iDEM Ph.D. (2nd course) iDEM thesis defense


Most o the students should do the MAREB first before applying for the Ph.D., even though they have another master degree. Only in some exceptional cases some students can be accepted directly if they are holding a master of research with similar contents as MAREB.  If you think that this could be your case and you want the IDEM coordinator pre-evaluates your situation, please send the following documents by e-mail to

•    CV
•    Motivation letter (also explaining briefly your research idea)
•    Diplomas and transcripts of your previous degrees (Bachelor and Master/s)
•    Master Thesis
•    Scholarship letter or application (if you have)

As soon as we receive them, the iDEM coordinator will evaluate them and give you an answer. In case the iDEM Committee considers that you could be accepted to the Ph.D. they will put you in contact with professor/s of the program who could be your supervisor.

Selection criteria:

-    The contents and grades of the previous degrees (Bachelor and master/s). Specially  Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Administration (BBA) or in Economics or other similar fields, plus a research-oriented master's degree (normally MAREB master's degree).
-    A match-up between the research idea and a line of research of this Ph.D.
-    High English level
-    Recommendation letters
-    Publications, scholarships, research profile, others.






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