Research expertise


Multilingual education and social inequality
Language, transnational mobility, cosmopolitanism and lifestyle
Sociolinguistic aspects of English in Catalonia/Spain
Language ideologies in multilingual and transnational contexts
Multilingualism in institutional contexts
Intercultural and international communication


Member of the CIEN Research Group (Comunicació Intercultural i Estratègies de Negociació). PI: Dr. Melissa G. Moyer (Department of English and German, UAB) The group is officially recognised as consolidated research group and funded by the Catalan Research Agency AGAUR (2014-2016/SGR 1508; 2009-2014/2009 SGR 1340).

Collaborator of the GREIP Research Group (Grup de Recerca en Ensenyament i Interacció Plurilingües). PI: Dr. Melinda Dooly (Faculty of Education, UAB).


I am Principal Investigator (PI) of the following ongoing project:

The appropriation of English as a global language in Catalan schools: A multilingual, situated and comparative approach (FFI2014-54179-C2-1-P). Funding body: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN). (2015-2017). 38.000€

I have been co-investigator of the following research projects:

Multilingualism and Mobility: Language Practices and the Construction of Identity (FFI2011-26964). PI: Dr. Melissa Moyer. Funding body: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (2012-2014).

The Multilingual Competence of Young People: Continuities and Discontinuities between In-school and Out-of-school Practice (SEJ2007-62147-EDUC). PI: Dr. Virginia Unamuno. Funding body: Spanish Ministry of Education (2007-2010).

Managing Multilingualism in Institutional Contexts (HUM2007-61864). PI: Dr. Melissa Moyer. Funding body: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (2007-2010).

Practical Applications for Communication with Newcomers in a Health Centre and a Non-Governmental Association (2007 ARAFI 00018). PI: Dr. Melissa G. Moyer. Funding body: Catalan Research Agency (AGAUR) (2007-2008).

Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity (FP6-2004-Citizens-4-028702-2). PI: Dr. Anne-Claude Berthoud (Université de Lausanne); (PI local team) Dr. Luci Nussbaum. Funding body: European Commission (2006-2007).

The Construction of the Category "Foreigner" in the Proposals for the Linguistic Reception and Education of Migrant Children in the Catalan Education System (PNL-38-2004). PI: Dr. Virginia Unamuno. Funding body: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2005-2006).

Multilingual Competence in the Teaching and Learning of Primary Education Curricular Content. (SEJ2004-06723-C02-01). PI: Dr. Luci Nussbaum. Funding body: Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (2004-2007).

Verbal Practice in Intercultural Communication (BFF2001-2576). PI: Dr. Melissa G. Moyer. Funding body: Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (2001-2004).

Language interaction data exchange system (LIDES). PIs: Dr. Mark Sebba, Dr. Roeland van Hout, Dr. Penelope Gardner-Chloros, Dr. Melissa G. Moyer. Funding bodies: various (1997-2008)



Andrea Sunyol (PhD): Multilingualism, Elitism and Ideologies of Globalism in International Schools in Catalonia: An Ethnographic Study



Anastasia Rassadina (MA,with E. Pladevall): Focus on form in CLIL and EFL instruction: A case study in Catalonia 


Andrea Sunyol Garcia-Moreno (MA): Multilingualism and ideologies of globalism in an international school in Catalonia: The linguistic construction of elitism


Maria Rosa Garrido Sardà (PhD): Emmaus as an Imagined Transnational Community: Language, Interdiscursivity and Stratification in a Social Movement.


Julia Lozano (MA): ‘Create, invest, work, learn, research, smile. Do it in Barcelona’: Narratives on educational and personal trajectories of mobile students taking postgraduate courses in English


Hicham el Bakhouti (MA): Globalization and the Spread of English in Morocco: Evidence from Education and the Media Space in Rabat

Mònica Leiva (MA): Internationalisation at a Catalan Public University: English as a Working Language from the Persepctive of the Administrative Staff


M.R. Garrido (MA): 'If you slept in Catalunya you know that here it's a paradise': Multilingual Practices and Ideologies in a Residential Project for Migrants.


J.P. Carmona (MA): "Vengo a por mi tarjeta sanitaria". El estudio de las prácticas lingüísticas en una oficina de atención al usuario.

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