In this program, Ph D Dissertations are a collection of three original and publishable papers. In order to obtain the Ph D degree, all the students at the program have to complete the following steps:



The students needs to have 300 ECTS. It is strongly recommended that they have coursed the Master in Management, Organization and Business Economics (MMOBE).


Supervisor/s election

The DEMO program also carries the guarantee of the experience and personal commitment of the faculty who lend their support to the project, driven by their desire to address the need for better teaching and learning standards on doctoral programmes in the various areas of business studies. You can know them and their research more deeply during the master courses and master thesis. MMOBE/DEMO Faculty


Chapter 1

The first paper is going to present to the faculty of the program, other doctoral students and other invited researchers in one of the two annual workshops organized by the doctoral program. The student presents at least once the paper. The paper can also be presented in other forums and submitted to a journal previously the thesis is defended.


Chapter 2

Like Chapter 1.



After finishing the third chapter, the doctoral student has to make a brief (20-30 minutes) presentation of the Ph Dissertation in a meeting with the future members of the Defense Committee. They will decide if the Dissertation is going to be defended and the changes that it has to incorporate in order to proceed with the defense.


Ph D Defense

The thesis is going to be defended publicly accordingly with the Spanish legislation. The student will obtain the degree of Doctor.


Visiting researcher

During the Ph.D. period, students have the opportunity to visit a host university where they are projected to perform research. Some examples of visiting experiences by DEMO Alumni are:


Columbia University, New York (USA)

University of Sidney, Sidney (Australia)

Catholic University of Louvain, Lovain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

Bangor Business School at Bangor University, Bangor (UK)

University of Minessota, Minneapolis (USA)

Autonomous University of Madrid, Madrid (Spain)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana (USA)

Monash University, Melbourne (Australia)

Columbia Business School, New York (USA)

Copenhaguen Business School, Copenhaguen (Denmark)

Rady School of Management at UCSD, San Diego (USA)

Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping (Sweden)


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