UAB seminar     July 2008     Juegos de minorías y cooperación indirecta en poblaciones biológicas
Workshop on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Prof. Jose Casas-Vazquez September 2008 Reaction-diffusion equations: Current Topics
FISES'09, Huelva September 2009 Anomalous Diffusion versus Correlated Random Walks. Applications at nanoscale
Els dissabtes de la física, UAB March 2010 Econofísica: què pot dir la física sobre les crisis?
Models in Population Dynamics and Ecology, Leicester,UK September 2010 Towards a mesoscopic description of cell migration
Search and Stochastic Phenomena in Complex Physical and Biological Systems, Mallorca June 2012 Velocity, intermittence and perception: new insights into search processes
Els dissabtes de la física, UAB March 2013 Moviment cel·lular: la física dels microorganismes
Search and Exploration III, Corse, France June 2013 Search efficiency and perception: predictions and experiences
MPDE13, Osnabrüeck, Germany August 2013 The role of detection mechanisms in animal foraging
Winter Workshop WWMB14, Santa Maria, Brasil  July 2014  Search research: current state of knowledge on the target problem
Physics Seminar, Fortaleza, Brasil August 2014 Towards a physics on human searches
Master Seminars, Barcelona, UAB November 2014 Physics, data engineering and social sciences: old and emerging paradigms
Seminari de Probabilitat de Barcelona December 2014 The optimal walk to the random walk


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