Masters Program in Industrial Chemistry and Introduction to Chemical Research

Programs, number of hours per theoretical module/section, teachers, and
module coordinators

M1: Industry and Research in Chemistry: Specialized Topics in Theory and
Practice. 68 h. Coord. Jordi García-Antón
- Regulations. 5 h. Cristina Palet
- Patents. 4 h. Rafael Pi
- Experimental design. 5 h. Jordi Coello
- Job searching. 4 h. Mireia Condom
- Introduction to computational chemistry. 4 h. Agustí Lledós
- NMR (theory + problem resolution + introductory practical course). 10 h. Teo
Parella (8 h), Servei de Ressonància Magnètica Nuclear (2 h)
- Introduction to photochemistry. 3 h. José Luis Bourdelande
- Resource optimization and environmental assessment of chemical
processes. 7 h. José Peral
- Risk and safety in chemical facilities. 5 h. Manel del Valle
- Laboratory instrumental techniques and chemical analysis. 21 h
o Mass spectrometry, chromatography. 5 h Servei d’Anàlisi Química.
o Microscopy (TEM, SEM, confocal). 3 h. Servei de Microscopia
o X-Ray. 4 h. Francesc Piniella + Ángel Álvarez (Servei RX)
o ICP. 4 h. Cristina Palet
o Laboratory advanced techniques. 5h Jordi García-Antón, Josefina

M2: Chemistry for Specific Materials of Interest in Industry and Research. 44 h.
Coord. Gonzalo Guirado
- Solids. 5 h. Lluis Escriche
o Preparation. Electric, magnetic, and optical properties.
- Supramolecular materials, nanomaterials, and liquid interphases. 31 h
o Molecular recognition: cationic or anionic species. Neutral
molecules. Self-assembly. Molecular devices and molecular
machines. 8 h. Jordi Hernando.
o Metal-Organic Frameworks: from molecules and metal ions to
crystals and superstructures. 3 h. Inhar Imaz
o Materials for Sustainable Energy: sustainable energy, solar fuels,
water splitting, hydrogen, CO2 reduction. 6 h. Xavier Sala (4h),
Monica Lira (2h).
o Metal nanoparticles, quantum dots, nanotubes, graphenes,
fullerenes, liquid crystals, membranes. 6 h. Arben Merkoszi (4 h),
Cristina Palet (2 h).
o Materials and microfabrication technologies for miniaturized
systems. 6 h. Mar Puyol
o Liquid interphases : surfactants, Langmuir-Blodgett films, micelles,
vesicles, self-assembled monolayers. 2 h. Gonzalo Guirado
- Gels and biomaterials. 8 h
o Applications to catalysis, materials and biomedicine. 5 h. Adelina
o Use of synchrotron radiation in their study. 3 h. Manuel Valiente

M3: Chemistry in Industry. 97 h. Coord. José Peral
- Project management and production cost assessment. 6 h. Carlos Valero
- Entrepreneurship. 4 h. Jordi Marquet
- Wastewater and residue treatment. 13 h. Albert Guisasola (7 h), Sergi
Ponsà (6h)
- Biotechnology procedures. 5 h. Pau Ferrer
- Chemical and biochemical process control. 3 h. Joan Baeza
- Green Chemistry. 7 h. Gonzalo Guirado (3 h), José Peral (4 h)
- Micro- and nano-capsules for controlled delivery of functional molecules. 3
h. Claudio Roscini.
- Special topics in chemical products of industrial interest (55 h) :
o Bulk chemicals (Top ten). 10 h. Joan Carles Bayón (5 h), Rosa M.
Ortuño (5 h)
o Polymers. 9 h. Joan Carles Bayón (6 h) + Jesús Santamaria (3 h)
o Pharmaceuticals. 10 h. Rosa Ortuño (2 h) + Antoni Torrens (6 h) +
Montse Closa (2 h)
o Surfactants. 4 h. Miquel Osset
o Dyes. 4 h. Fernando Carrillo
o Flavours and fragances. 4 h. Amadeo Triviño
o Food products. 10 h. Manuel Valiente (4 h), Jordi Saldó (3 h), Joan-
Josep Gallardo (3 h)
o Diagnostics. 4 h. Manel del Valle
o Asymmetric synthesis and catalysis in industrial processes. 5 h Pau

M4: Advanced Chemistry. 67 h. Coord. Manel Alcalà
- Chemical speciation, non destructive analysis, miniaturization. 7 h.
Montserrat López-Mesas (4 h), Mar Puyol (3 h)
- Chemometrics. 7 h. Manel Alcalà
- Surface chemistry (heterogeneous catalysis, self-assembled monolayers). 3
h. José Peral
- Conventional and non-conventional solvents. 3 h. Gonzalo Guirado.
- Applications of computational techniques in chemistry. 9 h. Mariona Sodupe
- Structure determination in chemistry. 15 h
o NMR: 1D, 2D, multinuclear, solid state. 10 h. Teo Parella (7 h) + Juli
Real (3 h)
o EPR. 2 h. José Vidal (ICMAB)
o Microscopy: TEM, SEM, AFM, STSM. 3 h. Mª José Esplandiu
- Synthesis and catalysis. 23 h.
Basic principles and strategies in the design of organic synthesis. 4 h.
Marta Figueredo
Stereoselective synthesis. 4 h. Rosa Ortuño
Homogeneous catalysis. 6 h. Juli Real
Non-aromatic and aromatic carbo- and heterocycles. 6 h. Marta
Total synthesis. 3 h. Marta Figueredo, Rosa Ortuño

M5: Biomolecular Chemistry. 45 h. Coord. Isabel Pividori
- Biomolecules & Biomimetics. Structure, function and biorecognition. 7 h.
María Isabel Pividori (4 h), Manel del Valle (3 h)
- Structure and function of biomolecules and mimetics. 7 h. Mercè Capdevila
- Modeling of biomolecular processes: recognition mechanisms and dockings,
dynamical behaviours. 3 h. Jean Didier Maréchal
- Chemistry and biomedicine: Radiopharmaceuticals, contrast agents for
magnetic resonance imaging. 4 h. Joan Suades
- Natural products: biosynthesis and properties. 10 h. Adelina Vallribera (5 h),
Ramon Alibés (5 h)
- Biomolecule production, separation, modification and determination. 10 h.
María Isabel Pividori (7 h), Manel del Valle (3 h)
- Nanomaterials in biosciences. 4 h. María Isabel Pividori

M6: From Small Molecules to Nanomaterials. 43 h. Mar Puyol
- Chirality: general concepts, molecular and supramolecular structures. 2h.
Pau Bayón
- Small molecules: synthesis and applications in molecular biology and
medicine. 12 h. Ramon Alibés (6 h), Félix Busqué (6 h).
- Dendrimers and hyperbranched molecules: preparation and applications. 6
h. Rosi Sebastián.
- Soft materials: polymeric coatings and gelators, Supramolecular structures.
6 h. Carlos Jaime
- Nanoparticle synthesis and applications in catalysis. 11 h. Roser Pleixats (8
h), Mar Puyol (4 h)
- Applications of small molecules, soft materials and nanoparticles in drug
and biomolecule delivery. 6 h. Rosa Ortuño.

Internship. 300 h / student (15 ECTS) + Thesis Master. 300 h / student (15 ECTS)..
Coord. Ramon Alibés

Tutors in Companies: Ramon Alibés, Gonzalo Guirado, José Peral, Manel Alcalà,
Isabel Pividori, Jordi García-Antón, Félix Busqué, Mar Puyol.

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