Carme Mangiron Hevia

  Teaching and Research Staff

Department of Translation and Interpreting and East Asian Studies
East Asian Studies
Area of East Asian Studies / Area of Translation and Interpreting

Agregada interina
Chair of the official M.A. in Audiovisual Translation 


Contact details

  • Office: K/1002
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone:+ 34 93 581 3360
  • Office hours: Monday arrange by e-mail



BA in Translation and Interpreting

Master's degree in Translation and Intercultural Studies          

Official MA in Translation and Intercultural Studies


Research Groups


Research Areas

  • Audiovisual Translation and media accessibility
  • Anime, manga and Japanese videogames translation
  • Game localization
  • Game accessibility
  • Japanese literary translation


Selected publications

Mangiron, C. (2016). Reception of game subtitles: An empirical study. The Translator, 22 (1), 72-93.

Mangiron, C. (2016). Games Without Frontiers: The Cultural Dimension Of Game Localization. Hermeneus. Revista de Traducción e Interpretación, 18, 187-208.

O'Hagan, M.; Mangiron, C. (2013). Introduction to Video Game Localization: Translating for the Global Digital Entertainment Industry. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Subtitling in Game Localisation: A Descriptive Study. Perspectives: Studies in Translatology, 21 (1), 42-56. (2013).

Mangiron, C. (2012). Manga, anime y videojuegos japoneses: análisis de los principales factores de su éxito global. Puertas a la lectura, 24, 28-43.

Mangiron, C. (2012). The Localisation of Japanese Video Games: Striking the Right Balance. The Journal of Internationalisation and Localisation, II, 1-21.

Mangiron, C. (2011). La localización de videojuegos japoneses: Traducir para divertir. In F. Cid Lucas (ed.). Japón y la Península Ibérica (pp. 311-330). Oviedo: Satori.

Mangiron, C. (2007).Video Games Localisation: Posing New Challenges to the Translator. Perspectives - Studies In Translatology, 14, 4, pp. 306-317.

Mangiron, C.; O’Hagan, M. (2006) Video Games Localisation: Unleashing Imagination with Restricted Translation. Jostrans: The Journal of Specialised Translation, Issue 6.



Video games: Final Fantasy VIII, IX, X, X-II and XII.


Member of the Comission for Academic Affairs and Degrees

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