Vice-Dean of professionalization, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, UAB (May 2011―Nov. 2015)

Responsible for:

  • Designing and implementing a program for the students’ professionalization and employability
  • Designing and implementing a Tutorial Action Plan for students with disabilities and special learning needs
  • Implementing work placements in the East Asian Studies BA.
  • Introducing the professional portfolio in the work placement assessment system.
  • Monitoring the coordination of promotional activities of the studies of the Faculty (Education Fair, Open Day, Family Day, Croma, Interpreter for a Day ...)
  • Monitoring the coordination of the internships in the Translation and Interpreting BA and East Asian Studies BA.
  • Designing and carrying out a market study on the employability of graduates of Translation and Interpreting Studies BA and East Asian Studies, and on the needs of businesses that employ language services.

 Commission for the implementation of the Translation and Interpreting BA, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, UAB (2008―2016)

Responsible for:

  •                Translation
  •                Internships

 Advisory commission for the implementation of the 3+2 system, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, UAB (2015)

 Internal evaluation commission, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, UAB

  • Curricular internships process management (Internal Quality System-FTI)
  • Student orientation process management (Internal Quality System -FTI)

 Pilot plan of adaptation of the undergraduate degree in Translation and Interpreting

  • Competences and indicators (translation)
  • Study guides (translation)

 Official Master's Degree in Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies

  • Study guides: Foundations of technical translation and Technical translation


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